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My dad is looking at puting some wheels on the Duramax, and I was wondering if anyone on here had pictures and specs of what they have? He's looking at getting either the WELD EVO Cheyenne 8 or Velociti 8, or the Eagle #114's. All in a 18X9.5 Rim. I heard that the Eagles crack though, has anyone ever heard of a problem with them cracking??? Price really isn't a big deal, as long as its practical.

Looking to put about a 33" tire on it, without lifting it.
Tires that fit:
Nitto Terra Grapplers
Nokian Tire????
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the welds are obviously better quality. I personally love the look of the cheyenne 6's, and the 8's are just as nice.

Eagle wheels aren't bad for the price. I've never heard of their RWD series wheels cracking or failing. I've only heard bad things about their 2 piece wheels, i think their 2 piece series wheels are the ones that have cracked. The eagle wheels will probably get dirty faster and collect more brake dust. The weld evo series keep their shine very well.

The weld evo's are really nice though, and also pricey $$$. Personally, i like the cheyennes and the renegades for 8 lugs.

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I have Welds on my D-max and they have been great. I've got 80,000 miles on my truck now, along with a 6-inch sus. lift, and the Welds have been on her since the lift was installed before my first oil change. You may pay a little more for Welds, although there are a lot of more expensive, lesser quality wheels out there, but the payoff is worth it.
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