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255/75/17 bfg mt km

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Just wondering if anyone is running the BFG MT KM tires in the size LT 255/75/17? I am looking for a cheap set of winter tires for my truck and I can get a set of these brand new for just under $500 shipped. The are a little bit taller than stock 265/70/17 tires but a tad narrower.

If you have any please post picture of the please and give your feedback on them.
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Ehh, A buddy of mine has some on his Jeep. I dont like them at all, they are wayy too skinny, at least to me. I can only imagine how terrible they will look on a fullsize pickup
I know price is an issue, it is with just about everything, everyone does these days. But I don't really see how you can consider a tire that is bad in winter conditions for a winter tire.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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