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255/75 17 bfg mt ?

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i have a nbs 2wd with fabtech 3" spindle. I am currently running a 265/70 17 Pirelli ATR I found a set of 255/75 17 BFG MT for a good price. My question is will it look weird with a 10" wide tire. Yeah I know im an idiot for lifting a 2wd and putting MT on it. Ok now that that is out of the way. Please give your opinion on the tires. Thanks
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These tires have a tread pattern thats unique to only that size. If you want to be completely different from everybody else on the road, except 2007+ JK rubicons, go right ahead. Just know, that they are tall, ~33.5" or so, and pretty skinny, under 10" wide. I have no idea of their performance in any aspect. I suspect their tread compound is typical blue label so they should last 40K+ with care. If by some random chance you found this size in a KM2 pattern, ignore everything in this post.
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