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285/70/17 Trails w/ 17x9 Hoss (Feeler)

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Trying to gauge interest. These are 285/70/17 (33.14") Nitto Trail Grapplers with 17x9 (-12 offset) XD Hoss wheels. The setup was installed at 59xxx miles and the truck just hit 77xxx miles the other day. Rotated at every oil change (3k miles) and have 100% even tread wear. Mostly highway miles. Atleast 75% tread. Asking $1200 but will be open to offers.
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wonder if they will work with a 2.5"?
I wouldn't bank on it without some trimming. When we put his setup on my truck I could only turn about 3/4 of the way before the lugs on the trails were grabbing metal. -12 x9s are deceptively wide. They stick out really good but I'd say you'd be close with 2.5 I think a good bit of why I didn't clear them was because of my spindle track width. I've seen ryan get them to rub turning in to a steep driveway before so fwiw
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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