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mud racing
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I absolutely cringe at starting a new thread of this type. But i have posted this question in 2 different "what hits/what fits" type of threads. I read through alot of them as well. I gave it a week and still haven't got a response , so hear it is. excuse me for my ignorance.

I have a 99 OBS Yukon with a 3" body lift on it. I currently have 33x12.50s on 10" wide wheels. They rub the plastic under the bumper during right turns and contact the metal of the bumper when tutning right and hitting a bump at the same time off road. I have to realign the bumper from when I did the body lift.
I'm wondering if i throw some keys under it and put my total lift up front to about 5" if I will be able to clear 33s on a 12" wide or 14" wide wheels?
Thanks in advance

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U can see how much I had to cut on my bumper.
3" spindles, keys, 1.5 bl
35 mgs 20x12 rbps


35 iroks 22x14s

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