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35's and 3" BL

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I'm wanting to get new wheels and tires and was wondering if I can clear 35's on a set of 20's. I know that most 20's don't have alot of offset and was wondering if any of you are running a setup like that. Oh and this is on an 03 Z71.

Thanks Rick
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should be fine get some rims that set under the truck more...stock rims work wonders for stuffing tires, couple of my friends run 315s with just ford keys on stockers
totally depends on width of rim and backspacing, but mostly width.
I doubt it. If you do decide to go that route, don't get wheels wider than 8" and pay attention to the backspacing. You'll definetly rub a little.

I think 33s/18s might be a better route.
why not? you might have to trim a bit... but people do it all the time, but just with smaller wheels... get a 4.5" backspacing higher.. like a 5" and like klementine said.. get 8" wheels.
I don't see how they wouldn't work. I'm running 33/12.50/20's on 8.5 wide rims, with GK bars and I've got no rubbing, if I had a 3in BL I could clear 35's easy.
it can be done, just get a wheel that isnt to wide and has about 5.5" backspace. you will have to crank your torsions and probably do some trimming. if you have a hard time finding some aftermarkets you could go with some gm stock 20s, i kno the 20s on my moms denali dont look half bad and are 8.5" wide and a +22mm offset which i beleive is between 5-5.5",
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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