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37s with 4.56 gears and other new mods coming soon!

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It's time to start moving on some new mods for the HD. It took alot of seaching but I was able to locate a set of 4.56 gears for the front but I found them (they were on backorder at most places). So the stock 4.10s will be upgraded next week. I thought I was going to come out with a little more gear but I just ordered a set of 17x8.5" Renegade XT wheels and had them wrapped with 37x13.5" Xterrains. These will be replacing my current American Eagle 102 wheels with 35" Nitto tires (these are for sale if anyone is interested :) ).

I've been waiting for Corsa to come out with a split rear system that exits under the bumper but they only have a system that exits behind the rear tires. I don't like that look so I kept the stock muffler and had some tailpipes built to exit under the bumper. They are finished off with a nice set of 4" Corsa style tips. The final upgrades will probably be a set of the new 8.1 aluminum heads and intake manifold. These parts should be ready sometime next month.
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