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37's with a 6" lift and ford keys

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i have 33-12.50-17 with ford keys and aal out back. i'm ordering a superlift 6" fit kit and want to know if anyone else is running 37's on a 99-06 truck without a body lift and if you have pics.
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its possible if you leave it cranked with wheels with close to stock backspacing. IDK if you can run the stock wheels with oversized tires on them with out rubbing the knuckles

It depends on what brand of tire you get as well....most of them wont measure out to 37" so i think you would be ok with the ford keys cranked a good 2" and a bit of trim
4WD? I've seen it done with a lot of trimming and you might rub a lot offroad. Depends how much you crank those keys
yeah it's 4wd. i have moto metal 951 rims on it now. 17x9 with i a 4.5" back spacing. i was looking at some pro comp x-terrains, 37x12.50 that measured 36.9" according to the website i was looking at. i like the Mickey thompson MTZ's, can't seem to find a site with bigger than a 35 in it
thanks for the tips. i might try them. if i have to many issues i'll body lift.
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