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i got a 383 with a TCI TH350 tranny on a trade the other day.. The 383 had a broken crank twords the back of motor. looked like it was cracked before and finally broke. i was told it was pry from bumping the tranny and went into a lower gear and snapped it. Anyway its got stock heads and nothing fancy inside. Its got 1-5 roller rockers and not to sure about the cam.Im looking to get some power out of this. Any good suggestions on heads and crank? Money is somewhat of any option but i want this bitch to scream but still run pump gas.
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Manbearpig is correct. I wrote down a few numbers off the cam. One set was 210550 one said C8 cwc 1578. Anyone have a guess to what kind? Haven't tore into the heads to see what the comp is
Finally got ahold of the Guy that built the motor. He said the cam is nothing special and compression is either 10 or 11. He sold it over 3 yrs ago to the kid I bought the motor from and can't remember to much about it. If compression is 10 I shouldn't have to do to much to it to make it scream . Unless someone else has a 383 and can give me a list of what the have in it. But he mentioned the crank was a 350 stroker crank. And that's where I'm lost. I figured it would be a 400 crank.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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