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3rd brake light shave kit?

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do they make one? i know some guys have theirs done wanting mine to just wondering if they had a kit or did you make the plate yourself, if you gotta make it yourself someone wanna make me one for a 2000?
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I have not done it but I heard it was illegal to remove the third brake light. Am I wrong?
i dont kno? but my tints illegal to but cops dont give a damn never got in trouble bout it, besides the bar deal in it is fried because it got wet and you gotta buy the lens aswell and im not wanting to spend 100 some bucks on it from the dealer, cant member the exact price and shaved looks better imo
im pretty sure its not illegal as long as the other 2 lights are working. but im not sure
I think it depends on yoru local laws. But in Oklahoma I have asked about it and i was told its not illegal as long as the back to lights work. I asked caus ei plan to shave mine and mines doesn't work when you hit the brakes it only works as a cargo light.
i think in ohio if u have one you gotta keep it but if i get it shaved who knows if i had one or not? i dont care if it is or not because my tails do work, just wondering if they got a kit or not
It is very illegal! I asked my uncle, who's a Highway Patrol Officer. I looked for a kit forever and never found one. It's a vehicle requirement, but my dad's 92 silverado didnt have 1 from the factory...
Well if its required couldnt you just shave it and put in some smooth led strips or something. like some people put in the roll pans! i think like a foot long strip would look pretty nice instead of that huge lens. :imo might loose cargo light but who uses that thing anyways.
Just do like venomslayer's truck.

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dont think they make a kit. when mine was shaved, a filler plate had to be made by hand.
Yeah I have never seen a kit either. I would check your stae laws, cause right here its legal in Ok, but Illegal in Cali. I personally plan to do as pictured over with leds.
well i dont have the skills to put a led in nor make my own plate, just wondering if they had a kit, and i cant afford to spend alotta money on it with a baby on the way, the top has a dent in it thought i could do some of that myself and when it rains it leaks into my cab i really dont care if its illegal or not tho because i can always tell them it came from the factory that way after i got it painted because my old truck didnt have one either but it was a 90
ive herd u can fill the hole with "great stuff" expanding foam, sand it, fiberglass it, bondo it, and paint it
Did you try ? they can probably make you one for about $15
AVS has them.

Btw this thread is 3 years old.
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