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3rd coast suspension

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is this a pretty good lift, what have yall heard about them for a 2500hd 4x4? thanks
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they are good lifts. They are made by full throttle for Kevin at B&C offroad. They are a little pricey but he can get you a good deal. He will stick you pretty good on instal though. Overall a good lift, but it does have one design flaw on the 2500hd kit I know of, if you come down real hard on the front suspension you can pop a balljoint out due to boxing of the UCA drop bracket. Personally I would get a Cognito lift but 3rd coast is by no means a bad lift. Expect to pay alot for instal though either way. I ask about 300 for a big lift instal which is generally less than half of what a shop does, so that gives you an idea of the shop price.

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Josh said:
:word: i have driven this yellow truck on 38s, and must say it is SMOOTH.
rides much better than i expected. :D
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