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4-265/70/17 Chevy avalanche take-offs...Like new!!

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Hey everyone. I have 4 new rims and tires taken off my 2004 Chevy Avalanche. These were on for less than 1000 miles since i got new 20" wheels for my truck I dont need these anymore. They are in great shape. I cant ship these so this will be for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY(I live in jacksonville florida). If you live within distance of me we could work out a meeting point or something like that. 650 OBO.


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Line-X of San Antonio
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damn, i got 550 for my stock 17s with bridgestone 265/70s.

and if you are gonna join our forum please post a welcome thread not JUST a for sale thread. we have griped at other members for the same thing. im not trying to be a jerk, just being fair. thanks for joining :bowtie:
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