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4.3 cam swap help

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So i finally got around to doing the cam swap on my 2000 nbs v6. Have some questions regarding the front cover and the lifters.

First in removing the front cover the upper front part of the oil pan seal looks like it came out. I understand the pan will have to come off to fix this but should I have pulled the pan to being with?

Also do the lifters stay up in the 4.3 like they do in the other LS series motors? I understand there is a plastic retainer that hold the lifters in place while the cam is removed.
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gotta remove the lower pan regardless, i dont beleive the lifters stay up like the ls motors. let me know how it goes i may be doin this soon. we need idle vids.
we need idle vids.
well dont have a before but I could do an after.
Anybody else? If I need to pull the manifold thats fine if not I would like to continue.
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