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4.3 engine help

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So, this 4.3 in a buddy's sonoma is runnin like shit. when you take off, like, the first 10 seconds it bogs down... like, if you put the pedal down to accelerate, it sort of hesitates. after it warms up, it runs good, until you stomp the skinny pedal. It's got a new fuel filter, and decently new fuel pump. new plugs and wires... idk whats up with it. Tonight presented something even more interesting, as when you rev the engine in park it is backfiring pretty from the engine compartment... and waking babys... haha.

does anyone have any idear whats goin down with this hunk-o-shit??
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center sequencial prot injection, it has injectors in a pod and little plastic hoses and crappy poppet valves that go to junk after a while. you have to take apart the intake to replace it.

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