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STS will custom size a turbo for you V-6, but you'll be limited on boost becouse of you intake. You can do the marine MPFI deal, but you'll end up spending way more money to get ready for a turbo then you would spend on a 4.8 or 5.3 swap. Or about the same on 6.0 swap.

Yeah I know a turbo V-6 is cool, and no one is running them. But dollar per HP is not going to add up to good for you.

So I would rock the V-6 for a couple of years
get your truck lowered
rims if you want
use spectre parts to get a CAI
add a peformance muffler with turn down cheap HP
4.11 gears are a must with any motor, and a 4.3 will love them more.

my pastic intake took 11 pounds before it blew up, i rand 9 psi for almost a year with no problem.
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