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4.56's gears

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Like it says set of 4.56 gears.
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What rear end??
10 bolt. seems like your a scammer with your truck and your lift listed on every site but yet you don't sell it. Plus you will probably want an outragous amount of coin. plus i bet its the wrong rear end.
Well dude, one im not a scammer so go fu*k yourself, and 2 the reason I am not selling it is because I got a different job and now can afford the truck again! 3 my buddy is selling his 4.56s cause he went to a 5.13 but dont worry i wont ak him how much cause I dont like pricks
yep i'm diffenetly a prick. have a good day
z71 on 44s has a set i believe
z71 on 44s has a set i believe
yes i know i'm more then likely gonna buy them. but i still need the rear.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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