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Hey Guys, after many nights of stalking I decided to join so I can ask some questions of my own. I will be installing a 4'' lift on my 14 GMC soon and am still undecided on which one to get. I was pretty set on the McGaughy 4'' but am a little worried of the LBJ and TREs. The guys I could find that are running them really like them and say they have no trouble. If I decide not to get the Mcgaughy kit, I believe I will go with the Skyjacker kit as it is a Knuckle kit that uses strut spacers but lowers the LCA aswell for a few hundred more. Seems everyone is running the BDS 4'' which looks GREAT but requires more cutting than both of the lifts im looking at. Which kit would you guys run, McGauhgys or Skyjacker? And how come I cant find any trucks online with the Skyjacker kit? Is there something wrong with it or just not a highly used item?
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