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400 Small Block rebuild?

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Well ive noticed my truck is start smoking... And going down the highway she really smokes... When i bought this truck about a year and a half ago i was told from the guy that he put new heads in it... He said it didnt have over 100 miles on them since... The truck HAD 32,000 ACTUAL Miles (was a show truck) and now she has a lil over 36,000... Anyway what im kinda wanting to know is a good price range to re-build this bitch... Its an Edelbrock engin with a Edelbrock 4 barrel carb... As far as i know everything on its edelbrock but not sure about whats really on the inside... Has a turbo 350 tranny wtih a launch kit installed... Ive tried to contact the prev owner but he trucks so its kinda hard... But just kinda looking on what you guys would think a ball park price would be on it...
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