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SLP will soon have very affordable 402 short blocks ready to ship with no core required! This will be a nice upgrade for truck owners that have been thinking about upgrading to a 6.0 motor or would like get more out of their current 6.0 without putting a huge dent in the wallet.

Crate-Engine-Assembly, "ZL-402" LS1 Short Block (High Compression)

With GM’s versatile "Gen III" small-block gaining popularity as the foundation for a wide range of high-performance engine build-ups, market demand for an affordable LS1 stroker package has become increasingly intense. In response, SLP Performance Parts has devised a revolutionary new Gen III stroker short-block assembly, one that offers unexcelled performance and durability at a truly accessible price.

Dubbed the "ZL-402" to reflect its beastly 402-cubic-inch displacement, the package is chockablock with such race-proven hardware as a new GM LQ9 block, a 4.00" forged steel crank, and 4.00" forged aluminum pistons. With the right cam and heads and a properly tuned PCM, the ZL-402 is fully capable of producing over 575 hp and a similar amount of torque in naturally aspirated form.

This package is sold only in short-block form, minus manifolds, camshaft, oil pump, and other ancillary equipment. The obvious advantage of this approach is that it allows each customer to formulate a parts combination that is perfectly suited to his or her needs. (For those who prefer "one-stop shopping," SLP offers a host of uninstalled options on an à la carte basis.)

Although designed primarily for use in late-model F-Bodies and Corvettes, the ZL-402 also makes a superlative choice for most street-rod, muscle-car, and truck applications. Best of all, it’s sold outright, eliminating the shipping hassles, protracted vehicle downtime, and additional out-of-pocket expenses associated with core returns.

Built entirely from brand-new parts.
Sold outright*no cores required!
GM LQ9 iron 6.0-liter block (includes block plugs)
4.000" 4340 forged steel crankshaft, balanced to rotating assembly
4.000" 2618 forged alloy pistons (includes new rings and full-float pins)
402-CID displacement
6.125" I-beam rods
Includes new, factory-installed cam, rod, and main bearings.
11.3:1 compression ratio (nominal; ultimate compression ratio will depend upon heads and gaskets used)
Designed for naturally aspirated applications
Meticulously assembled to OEM tolerances and specifications.
Oil pump, timing chain, camshaft, pans, plates, and covers not included.

Looking for less compression? There will also be a 9:1 version available!

More details for each of these can be found on our website. We're currently taking pre-orders to provide you with one of the first that become available. They are expected to start shipping around September 1st! Our price is $3499.99 for each with NO core exchange required!

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Crosspost from me...

Hrm... pretty interesting! On the rotating assy's... what all do they come with?

This would make a killer NA setup with heads/cam + a lil squeeze. Better than a low comp (9:1) ATI setup I had been thinking about.

Also...any warranty on the shortblock? Do they use ARP hardware or compareable?


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This is the list of parts that I received today -

Production 6.0 block
Internally balanced rotating assembly
SLP sped'd Eagle 4" crankshaft
SLP spec'd 4" pistons, 2618 forging (Ross or Manley). N/A version - approx - 1.2:1. Heavy duty forced induction version approx 9:1. Compression ratios are nominal, ultimate compression ratio wil depend on the heads and gaskets that are used.
Assembly is meticulously assembled to OEM tolerances and specifications.
Oil pump, timing chain, camshaft, pans, plates and covers not included.

These assemblies don't come with a warranty.
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