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40's on 22's for sale

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Just thought I would post up that I want to sell my toyo mud terrains 40's and 22 x 11 chrome kmc diesels. Wheels and tires only have about 2k miles on them. I am looking to get $3k plus whatever shipping would be. I know I am catering to a small market but we'll see what happens
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wait, dumb question, is you truck an HD? i was honestly thinking the other day man i wonder if cooldude is selling his 40s anytime soon, how random is that
Yeah dude its an HD, that sucks
Just threw them on ebay to
whats the plan? going bigger? or top secret right now?
46" claws on the new KMC monsters, 20" wheel
Whats the link on ebay???
damn son, thats gonna be huge, sucks i literally was almost banking in buying these from you later on, i have NO idea why but maybe you mentioned going bigger at some point? good luck with the sale, shouldnt last long at $3k
Ya I would snatch these up but im not a big fan of huge wheels, im looking to go smaller than 18's....bump for ya man!
Don't wanna split them but you can stuff them on

get a bodly lift and crank that shit
how much for the 22's :read:
probably wouldnt work out, or at least soon enough, but how much for the 40s if kev was to take the 22s :read:
If they dont sell on ebay then I will do the wheels for $1100 and the tires for $1900 , sound fair. I could also break it up and bring it to Truck Jam

I really want to see what happens with ebay, has two days to go and a bunch of people "watching" and I have received heaps of questions.
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