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Well i had 4wp do my gears again but instead of 4.88 in a 4wd they put in 4.10 in a 2wd and they did a better job on my 4wd. I ended up having to call them on my way home from picking my truck up because it howls pretty good under power but doesnt while i'm coasting. They said it is because they put in cheap Genuine Gear products and then after that he said that he personally wouldn't have sold me them.
Now the truck goes back in Aug. 12 for another day to put in Precision Gear products and he said it should be fine after that...i have a feeling it is going to make just as much noise after this as it did the first time.

The good things are that he said to go ahead and drive my truck normal and all i have to pay for is the difference of the better gears which is like 50 due to their mistake they just lost out on several hundred bucks of labor.

Coming out of this i only have one question, They told me it will be fine to reuse the bearings and stuff from the first install on July 26, In a matter of 2 weeks which with me is about 350 miles, will it be safe to do that or should they be replacing them again?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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