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Yeah, I would lose the 4x6's if you've got a good component set screamin at you. It makes proper staging impossible with them right in your ears.

sierra_mike01 said:
ok, well i want to run the infinity perfect 6.5 component set with two JL W6's...what amps do you think? will one do or should have i one for each? will this stuff sound good together? thanks
You will need a separate amp for each (unless you just want to spend a lot more money on a multichannel amp). The JL W6's require a good deal of power. A JL 500/1 would be perfect :head:
The Infinity set, I think you are tlaking about the Perfect 6.1 component set, which are 6.5" midrange woofers, and 1" tweets. You should look into getting something to push like 100w to each side, jbl has some nice offerings at good prices, and they get very good reviews. Hell that's all Infinity uses in their install vehicles is JBL amps.

That's gonna be a kickass'll be :rocking:
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