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Working on a 2000 Silverado with a 3.5 engine. It will crank, but not start.
It will run on starting fluid.
Have 55 PSI fuel pressure with key on and during crank.
Have battery B+ at all pink fuel injector wires, BUT am not getting the "pulse" signal (B-) from the PCM. Will not illuminate the noid light.
Ohm wires from injectors to PCM and have continuity.
Just because, removed several injectors and can get them to "click" and pass fuel when jumping directly to battery.
Is there a sensor or system that will prevent the PCM from sending the fuel injector pulse command ? Or is it time for a PCM?
And, if I get a used PCM with the same part number, can I just do a swap, or does the PCM need programming ?
Appreciate any assistance from anyone, thank you.
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