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9.25 IFS Yukon Master Install Kit and Yukon 5.38 Gears...UPDATED

So ill try and sell these before i send them back to the shop as it will probably be easier to sell them outright. Anyway.......

I have a Yukon 5.38 gear set and master install kit for the 9.25 IFS. Never pulled out of the packaging and i still have the original boxes and what not. Anyway im asking 400 for both together. Cheapest ive found online is a little over 500 for them together and that doesnt include shipping, so im losing a bit here.

The price for both is $400 plus shipping

Will also Separate.
$180 Plus shipping for the master Install Kit
$250 Plus Shipping for the Gears
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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