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5.7 Bare or complete blocks

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Does anyone have a 5.7 350 block laying around even a old 383 block laying around they want to get rid of
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only if i could afford an lsx build i would do it but as it is now i am looking for a junk yard motor to rebuild my limping motor... all i need is one to rebuild two trucks... if i get a third motor i can rebuild it for my truck and then start to rebuild my motor for my father's truck and of course he is going to out do me because of fincases and the ability to blow it up tomorrow and buy another truck while i have to make my motor last me as long as i own the truck....
look around for deals on complete motors and you can do an lsx swap for about the same that a fairly basic rebuild would long as you don't go to an 80e, it won't get too expensive. With a cam and springs, exhaust, etc, you could do it for around 1500$ if you find the right motor...
the problem for me is finding 1500 dollars i dont mind putting in the time to rebuild and port and polish the heads and intake... i plan to let it sit in the garage for a few months before i put it in a truck and an LSX block is going to cost over 500 for just the block... i would really like to find a Vortec 5.7 that needs to be rebuilt. I want to tear it apart and put it back together so that i can map out each part into a cad program to see where i can try and design and build my own block to get cnc... the blueprintting and redesign idea is just a bonus also to the fact that i need to rebuild my motor because the lifters in my motor have coplased and continue to colapse and not lift the correct amount all the time....
soory for the long post but yeah like i said i need i motor to rebuild three, i am a freshman in college and want to build a 500 hp sleeper... 400hp tow truck... and maybe a 950hp hotrod but notanytime soon
Really, just an LSx block is gonna cost 500+? yeah, ill have to disagree, seeing as how i picked up a 5.3/60e complete for 500$ and have seen more than 1 5.3/60e going for that much, some 2wd, some 4wd...

if you were close enough, id give you my damn 5.7 block, but it does need a rebuild.
how much is shipping to 33186... because i dont mind paying for shipping if u are goign to give me a motor..
also the ls parts are more than the 350 parts
lsx parts are all about the same...

and wheres 33186? im in 30907/augusta would be block + heads, im sellin the TBI stuff to matt, and might sell the serp set up to someone too, who knows. the block will just be sitting around...and no promises that itll even be rebuildable. i know the heads need work (prob in your best interest to replace them, being TBI heads) and it knocks some at start up and 1 cylinder never fires, sometimes 2...but i still DD it and it gets me to and from
Hey hey hey!! Ill come pick that motor up. I need something to rebuild for the 87.
IN miami Florida, does it come with a distrib.?
about 600 miles south of u... i would really appreacate a motor
lol i think he was sort of joking
the only problem is that i am not joking guys i need a another block and cheap because as a full time college who cant work and to spend any amount of money is hard but i have about 800 to start a rebuild and my motor has about 4" of slug in just the lifter valley alone the pushrods could not be seen when i removed the intake manifold... no joke... the rocker arms had about 2" of sludge on them... with only 136k on the truck..., the previus owner never changed the oil...
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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