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5.7 uprgrades

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I just recently picked up a 97 1500 with 51k miles on it. I had a 5.3 and did some performance upgrades to that, but the 5.7 is a new world to me. Where do i start, what should i do? It has dual exhaust nothing special, also wondering how to get rid of the moderate cackle if even possible. I wont be doing anything serious, like boost. My 5.3 was a 03 Tahoe that was lifted with 35s and had long tube headers and dyno tuned. I know that will be a stretch to get a 5.7 to that point, but what are my options?
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I've got a buddy who has a 350 in his 2500(same gen truck as yours) and he's got a blackbear tune and in his it make a big difference compared to without, he's also got a cold air intake(k&n) and magnaflow dual in single out, and it doesn't really pop or crackle ever, but if you can do dyno tune it would obviously be way better for it, but being the same gen 350 that's what works good on his
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