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(6) 38.5/14.5/15 TSL SX's and (4) 15" Mickey Thompsons

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well im upgrading to one ton axles so the 6 lug wheels and 15 in tires have to asking 10 million dollars, but would settle for any reasonable offer...

two tires have less than 30 miles on them (rear), 2 have probably 30% tread left (front), 1 has maybe 5% tread (spare) and another is toast (makes a nice seat while your waiting for someone to come pull you out


4 ORIGINAL (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) Mickey Thompson Classic Wheels 15" with 6 lug bolt pattern.

770-722-2772 - im chris and thats my cell
Email: [email protected]

If anyone shows real interest I can take better pics, but here they are on my truck...I will also seperate if the buys pays the extra $$$ to have that done and shipping is always an option as long as the buy covers the cost...

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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