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6" Fabtech Lift + 16" wheels w/ 35" tires

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I purchased a my 2001 silverado a few months ago and it came with a 6" lift, custom 16" polished aluminum wheels, and 35" offroad tires. I'm more of a street truck kind of guy so I'm getting rid of the lift to buy airbags. I went to the shop that installed this lift ( they told me that it's a Fabtech 6" lift for 2wd 99-02 Chevy or GMC full size truck, that includes:

New Front Coil Springs
Machined Cast Spindles
Lateral Compression Struts
Upper Bumpstop Mounts
Rear Blocks
4 Rancho Shocks

This kit was installed on my truck by 4wheeldirect for $1700. If you live in northern california, and are able to go to sacramento, I will take $1200 for all of it installed with the trade of your stock wheels and tires along with your spindles and shocks. I can install it without your stock stuff for $1450. All this stuff is on my truck so, I need the stock stuff and a trade is really the only way I can sell this. That is unless I sell this for enough to buy some stocks from the junkyard. BTW the installation requires some welding.

*I am currently in San Diego CA, but I will be coming to Sacramento to do the work on my truck. I have all the neccessary tools there. Since the kit and the wheels and tires are on my truck right now, I dont have any of the tools to offer it in any way from San Diego. If you want this PM me and we can arrange a time/date for installation. Or if you have any other ideas to make the swap in southern california, let me know. Thanks.
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what is the brand / model of the wheels? what width? what brand of tires? what model? what width on the tires? how much tread left? does your kit not have the upper a-arms, cause that is what a fabtech 6" is. I saw a lift on the website you gave a link to, and that red 5.5" kit doesn't look like a fabtech. can i get some pictures of the truck as it is now with the lift? and i am just wondering, dont take offense, but if you are knowledgeable enough to install a lift, how did you not know what was on your own truck?
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