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6 inch lift or not?

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Now that I got my new bumpers setup, I'm still debating if I should get my 2WD lifted to a 6 inch. I'm currently running the 3 inch spindle lift.
Any thoughts? Wonder what it will look like with my setup.
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Germanator said:
what lift kit to go with? should I go somewhere in Houston or Dallas to get a better install than at 4WP?
CST, Go to 4wp during a sale or you can try another shop (i dunno of anything great), the kit should not be that hard to install though

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Why not the 7" CST kit like Aber. is running? Nice strong, well built kit. And it is 1" taller than a 6" kit :crazy:

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yea the fabtech 6" for our trucks isnt all that bad as ppl make them out to be. i ran the 6" for about 15k miles and loved it until i got the "want to be higher" disease. the kit is easy to install too, real easy! i think it would look great. the front end doesnt sag too much either, maybe an inch once the springs settle after a while.

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I went to 4WP today to get new knobs for my Rancho shocks, since they had cut the front ones off. Now I adjusted them all the way to stiff. Though they told me they did adjust them. When I crowled underneath and checked, they were all the way to the left. What morons. I turned them now all the way to the right.
Also got a quote for a 6 inch / 7 inch lift.
Here is what they suggested:
7 inch Procomp, deducted the Procomp spindles I have. New gas shocks for a stiffer ride, the MX-6's.
Quote comes out at $1305 total.
Then I need new tires, already got the rims with the right offset. 305/70/R16 $190 ea.

What do you guys think?
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