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77 3/4 ton

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Ok, well this is killing me to type, but school comes first, so here goes:

For sale is my 77. 4" lift done right, pumpkins rotated up, limited slip in the rear, open up front, both 410 gears, brand new u-joints in the rear, 427 BBC powered, TH350 trans, NP203 t-case with part time kit, Trans has 40k on it, have recepit from rebuild. Has BRAND new 33" BFG M/T's mount on Modern Rims (unsure style). All have insurance on them (you blow one out, replace it for 22$) All original sheet metal. Paint is an Earl Schieb job. Was done about a year and a half ago. Has scratches an some peeling. Still shines up great. All glass is in great shape, some rock chips in the windshield. Everything on the truck works great, heat lights etc. Has a good stereo system for tunes. Has 40series flowmaster exit straight out under bumper. Has front lockouts, (superwinch) Truck fires up everytime. Has a brand new alternator, has Off road lights on the bull bar, has a full size spare, possibly willing to sell with tool box and headahe rack attached. Has aftermarket gauges for monitoring the 427, possibly will sell the B&M Quicksilver shifter with it. Interior is in great shape. Carpets are still bright red, have some stains from floor mats, seat was reupholstered about 2 yrs ago, in all stock trim, now is under a seat cover to protect it. Original dash is perfect, with two small screw holes. Overall truck is in incredible shape. I have driven it everywhere with no problems. I am having a custom carb built for it right now. (780cfm vac secondaries)

The truck is my pride and joy. I hate the thought of getting rid of it, but I think I need to set priorities, and right now school has to come first. I am testing the waters to see what I can get. Post here or PM me with any questions. there is well over 12k invested. I have 7500 alone in the engine.

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yeah, gas isnt a huge factor, its more of a school thing. The new carb should bring mileage up to about 12mpg as long as you arent ALWAYS a lead foot.... :LOL:
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