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I originally purchased this vehicle to tear apart and use the axles to do a solid axle swap to my truck. I soon realized that I could not put the axle under my truck do to time, money, and location of my schooling. And not only that, I now have to sell this vehicle due to the fact that I am in need of money for college. I purchased the vehicle without a title, and the man I bought it from still cannot get it, so it will be sold without one, but in my eyes it seems to be fine considering it can be parted out and sold for much much more, as well only used for an offroad machine, a parts truck, or even for the axles for doing a solid front axle swap. This front axle is extremely desired by many people because it is the necessary axle for the solid front axle kits available for chevys. It is a legit and great axle. They are Dana 60s front and rear with 5.13 gears and a locked rear end and professionally set up. Also same bolt pattern as an 8 lug chevy.

Another thing that restrained me from tearing it apart is that fact that it runs and drives perfect every time, and is beastmode as it is now.

39.5/13/15 Super Swamper Irok Bias Ply tires (only 15 miles driven on them, maybe 5 on cement)
-- almost $1,500 on a site

Front and rear (locked) Dana 60 with 5.13s and set up professionally
-- $2,000?

Tubed doors

400 Ci ford engine... runs perfect
-- seem to be over 750 on ebay?

Perfectly working Transmission, transfer case, and everything
-- good money

Rough body, but all the metal on it would sell great with the price of metal these days

shortened frame for better maneuvering in trails

flat bed

chevy front lift springs

new shocks

I am asking $3,300 for now... but let me know if you are interested and we can talk

I seriously hate to let this go, and it is not fun for me, but I legitimately have to

I also have a samurai and a 65 mustang for sale if interested

Thanks a lot,
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