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1981 GMC K1500 (Buckskin and White 2-tone)
350 & 400r
Edelbrock Exhaust Manifold
Rochester 4 Barrel QuadraJet
Warn Locking Hubs

Found this truck in a neighbors yard and gave $1500 for her. I'm the 3rd owner. 220,000 miles on the chassis, shop built motor 10 years ago and the tranny rebuilt 4000 miles or so ago.

Pulled her to the house and the first order of business was a leaking Steering Gear Box that needed addressing. In the deal I snagged a "spare" gear box that he had laying around and said it belonged to his son who also has this Gen truck. I got the whole thing replaced and one fitting in and noticed the last fittings female slot was different than the others. After some research and a great friend that's a parts manager at a Chevy dealership I found that Dodge bought and used these same boxes on their trucks back in the day so I started looking there. Found the fitting off of a '72 dodge 4x4 fit and works good. Problem solved.

Cleaned the carb and have been degreasing her little by little when yesterday I lost all electrical to the steering column. Some lights still on so I started inspecting under the hood and found a wire that had been rigged in, burnt through the casing and black from burning. Including a whole burnt in the wire burnt that was holding it. We touched the wire back where it was found and tried turning the key but NOTHING. No noise, no clicking, nothing.

Tomorrow is day one of Troubleshooting but Ive always enjoyed spying on this site so I decided to join in now that I finally have a truck worthy. Lol.

Just wandering where everyone would start looking? I'm def not a mecha if but slightly inclined I guess. I worked on M1A1 Abrams in the Army but trucks don't have Turbine engines yet so I know only basics so far when it comes to Passenger Autos.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions and I'm proud that I have a Classic GMC now. I sold my 2005 GMC, purchased the Beast and am planning on pulling a 5th wheel with her once she's healthy and running strong. Moving ing our 5th wheel by or before Feb 15 so on a time crunch finding and solving the issues a yard/barn find will almost always have.
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