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Hello everyone,

Just finally got my old rust bucket burb transported out to me here in UT. Most likely will need to do a body swap due to pervasive exterior rust, but I'd love some advice on what to do next to it. It's due for new shocks, tires & wheels and I'd love to due something more aggressive with it, as it is a big burly beast of a car. It has a slight lift to it with 34" tires, but I'd like to go to 36" tires and a little bit more of a lift. We live in the higher elevations, so I'm wondering about the best tires to get for it that would be great for overlanding and the snow. It will be driven on roads more than in the dirt and snow, but I'd like to be able to have fun on the weekends in it with the family.

I'd love to get your guy's thoughts/advice on wheels and tires, lift kits, bumper and winches, as well as any other thoughts on how to do cool stuff to it.

Also, I love my bench seats (I'm keeping them for now), but I'd like to get rid of the rest of the stock dash, gauges, steering wheel and interior panels. Any thoughts or ideas here? I'd love to see pictures too if you have em.

Thanks everyone!



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