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I'm selling my 88' K-5 Chevy Blazer. Here is a breakdown:

350 TBI
700R4 tranny
10 Bolt axles
4:56 gears
NP 208 Transfer case
Catback exhaust (Flowmaster)
33" Interco Thornbirds (brand new)
15 x 10 American Racing 589 (Alcoa look-a-likes)
4" Pro Comp lift
1 1/2" add-a-leaf in rear to get rid of sag
Half removable top
Plate welded on frame at steering box, there was no crack before I welded it
Alpine CD deck, Alpine E.Q., Fosgate amps, Polk mids and highs, 1 kicker 12"
Registered till August, just did smog last year

If anyone is interested, I'll shoot some pics.
I won't tell you how it runs, I'll let is speak for itself!
Looking to get $4700.00

Late- Alex

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I've decided to sell my 88' Chevy K-5 since I hardly drive it anymore. Here are some specs:


- 33" Interco Thornbirds
- American Racing wheels style 589
- 4" Pro Comp lift
- 1" add-a-leaf in rear to compensate for sag
- Pro Comp shocks all around
- Double Pro Comp steering dampner
- 4:56 gears front and rear
- Eaton posi installed in rear
- Billet bowtie on grill
- Aftermarket cat. converter
- Flowmaster cat back


- 350 TBI with 133.404 original miles
- 700R4 tranny
- NP208 transfer case
- front and rear 10 bolt axles
- 4WD


- Alpine CD deck model CDE 7831
- Fosgate Punch 75 amp
- Polk Audio component speakers in door
- Boston 6X9 in rear panels
- Billet dash pieces
- Billet gas and brake pedal
- Power windows
- Power steering
- Air conditioning


- Jet stage 2 power chip
- New steering box installed
- 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers steering box plate installed
- K & N filter
- Draw Tite hitch (bolt in and welded)
- Tags good till August of this year

Those are some of them. You really need to see it in person!

Here are some pics....

I'm looking to get $4500.00 and am very firm on that price.
You can get ahold of me here or at [email protected]
I have alot more pics if anyone is interested.

Late- Alex

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KoTToN said:
BTW how do you like that snugtop?
I like it very much. When I first went out and started looking for a tonneau cover, most people said it wouldn't fit with the tailgate cap. That pissed me off big time. When I bought it, the installer was going to take the cap off, but another installer stopped him and told him it would fit with it on. Well, it did fit with it on. I passed the word along to many other SS owners when I found this out. Now people are seeing that even the Gaylord lids fit with the cap. A couple of cool features that swayed me towards the Snug Top SL lid were:

1. Cover is wired for a remote unlocking system.

2. There is only one key (not a barrel lock cylinder either) placed in the center to unlock.

3. To close it, all I have to do is push down on the cover. No need to worry about locking the cover because it locks automatically when shut.

Here are a few pics...........

Late- Alex

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SkyRider469 said:
not to change the subject, but i'm pretty sure i saw your truck at costco b4 christmas. i gotta tell you, this thing is way better in person. you wouldn't happen to be a longie would buddy said you were wearing and ilwu jacket

Ya, that was probably me and yes I'm a Longie. Did you happen to see how far I park away from everyone??? :anitoof:

Do you work out in the port???

Late- Alex
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