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So I bought my very first pickup back after I sold it many years ago and I'm looking to get it moving like it did before. It's a 1989 1500 2wd silverado. When I first got I replaced the fuel pump and it was running really well for quite some time.

Recently, it wouldn't start unless I held the pedal to the floor for a couple seconds and then it would fire up. I started it and it was idling really rough but would run fine while pressing on the gas. First gear was kind of tough but once it shifted to second no problems. It was odd because it ran fine for many months then one morning wouldn't idle. I had to leave town so I parked it for about 2 weeks.

Today I went out and tried to start it and it won't even crank. Sounds like it will start to but then nothing. At first I thought it was a problem without getting fuel so I am going to replace the fuel filter when I'm done with work but figured I'd throw it out and see what kind of suggestions you guys can come up with in case anyone else has ran into this. I'm sure it's not an uncommon problem.

Thanks in advance.
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