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92 rebuild

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I have recently been in the process of my first rebuild. It is a 92 Sierra K2500 with the 5.7 350.

Vortec heads, GMPP intake, upgraded cam from Comp, fuel pressure injector spring, high volume fuel pump. I may have missed some other things as well...

I now have the engine back in the truck and tried to start it. Turned the key and dash lights came on with a tone b/c the door was open. Did not hear fuel pump whine and there was no cranking of the starter. I checked the starter with a 12V circuit light and there is power going to it.

I'm guessing I missed some grounds or something along the way.

If there is anyone that can point me in a direction that would be much appreciated. I was also wondering if there were any labeled diagrams of all the sensors and harnesses. I tried google but just came up with mostly junk.
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