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We have a 93 Silverado step side with 88k miles for our extra vehicle. Usually it just sits around with out being used, well since my brother totaled his brand new G35 he has been driving that. Well 2 weeks ago it started havin slow gas pedal reaction and now it backfires and sometimes tries to shutoff.. If you give it a good punch of the gas it comes back to life. It only studders and backfires when you gun it. We took it to the local dealership and they said that it was the computer, so they put a new one in. The called back and said the the distributor was shot which caused the computer to die and that they would put in a new distributor for 558 dollars. We declined that crock of shit.

Does any one have any idea what could be wrong? We have put in new spark plugs, new wires, and fuel filter. Dealership said that the fuel pump was fine. We are already out $500 for the computer and I'd rather not spend much more on the dealership trying to unsuccessfully pinpoint the problem.

Cliff notes:
Broken 93 pickup, studders when gassed sometimes backfires
Dealership put in new Computer
said needed new distributor for 500+ dollars
picked up truck and still runs like ass
need help, tired of letting my brother drive my tahoe
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