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94-99 APC Projector Lenses

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93-99 APC projector headlights
These headlights look awesome at day or night, and come with HID bulbs.
No leaks, no scratches, almost perfect.
Only drawback is that the low beams are a little dull, and not quite as bright as factory, however, the projector lens does look amazing when lit. The hi beams are perfect however.
If you have auxilary lights or foglights, they will solve this problem.

P.S. The reason I am selling these is because the low beams do not work for ****. The parking lamps put out as much light at night as the projector low beams do (no exageration). If you buy these you will need to have fogs or auxilary lights. I bought them and just want to make some of my money back on them so I can buy Euro Clears or Halos. Not trying to decieve at all.
I know there were people interested when I bought them from Suareezay (FSC member), so if yall are still interested I will sell them for what I paid and split shipping or something. Let me know.

$70 obo