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'94 Camaro SS cheap

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Wow, 3 minutes left and still only at $2k.

Lol, nm....has no tranny.
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There were no SS camaro's made in 1994. They started back making the SS in 1996 and it ran through 2002. It's easy to put on an SS hood, but that doesnt' make it an SS since it'll have no build number and be missing all the other parts that make it the SS model (suspension, wheels/tires, special spoiler, etc.)

Same goes for the WS6 Trans Am and Formula :)

Just looked at the auction, that hood isn't from an SS, its one of those "big block" or whatever hoods that looks like a missle launcher :puke:
Also had a salvage title and no trans. :read:
need s computer, exhaust manifolds, it has a salvage title....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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