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95 24" control arms

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I have ekstensive control arms to lay 24s. I know about how there's better arms out there but I came across these for a good deal so it's what I have .heres the question , when I bagged the front and installed the arms I noticed my spindle are in fact not 2" drop spindles. When I bought the truck it had 5/7 kit. Which I figured were 3" drop arms and a 2" spindle. Turns out it was 2" coil spring. What I want to know is will it hurt anything or be dangerous to run the stock spindles now with my 24s ? Until I can buy my 2" drop spindles!
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I hope someone can help me out ASAP!
But it is safe to drive on? I don't mind camber and it's not gonna lay until I get 2" spindles. It lacks right at 2" to layout.
Okay, I'll have them in a week. But I don't have trailer to get it from the shop so the only way I can get it back is to drive it
That's why I wanted to ask.
Yea I did. Got it figured out. Thanks guys
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