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edit forgot to say... LOCATED IN CENTRAL INDIANA, BROWNSBURG, 46112

well here it is... i bought these afew months ago to swap my shaved doors off my truck back to stock BUT i sold the truck so i no longer need these..

they do need minor body work to and new paint of course... but still complete.... only thing realy missing is the key for the door lock and the drivers door handle has been busted up alittle...
BUT i do have a brand new door handle and brand new lock cylinders with 2 keys for an extra 75bucks...
so 225 for everything!

but for 150bucks these doors come with all glass and door panels, and mirrors tho the mirrors also need paint and drivers mirror is alittle busted but just cosmeticaly... these are from a work truck i believe and are all manual.. BUT if you have power accessories on your truck just switch the inside assembly and door panel from your stock doors. they are interchangable!

enough chatter....... heres the pics...

GREAT FOR IF YA WANT TO SHAVE YOUR DOOR HANDLES! i bought these to put my truck doors back stock BUT sold the truck so no longer need these. looken to get my money back outta these....

ive also got a new drivers side door and 2new lock cylinders with 2keys for a EXTRA 75bucks for them.....

BUT i will not sell the handle/with keys seperate unless someone buys the doors...
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