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Can anyone help with this blinker issue?

I drive a 1995 Chevrolet K1500 5.7L v8. It's my project truck, but I'm having a bunch of electrical issues.

>When my truck ISN'T running, my hazard lights come on just fine when I push the hazard button. >When the truck IS running, the hazards don't come on when you push the button. But the hazards turn on when you turn either blinker on. (This is with the headlights OFF). >With the headlights and truck both ON, only the right blinker works, no hazards, no left turn signal.

The bulbs are all fine. I've replaced the turn signal switch in the steering column. I've replaced the headlight/dimmer switch on the dash and I've replaced both the hazard flasher and the turn signal flasher that are under the dash. Bulbs and fuses are all fine.

Originally nothing worked, but after replacing the turn signal flasher I had it fixed for about an hour. After cranking the truck up a few times and letting it run, it quit working again and is now doing this.

Any ideas???? I'm desperate here.
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