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I guess this is about the best place for this.

I have had access to an online service manual resource website for the past few months. In my spare time i would download the information for both 96' and 98' K1500 vehicles. I have finally gotten around to posting these things up.

Included is basically everything you would find in a service manual for either of these trucks. Engine overhaul procedures to wiring diagrams. Everything i could get. The majority of the pictures are .jpg with a few being .mdi because my jpeg printer trial expired. The articles are all .pdf. When i have some more free time and get internet at my apartment i plan to try and compile a resource for 02', 04', and 07'. Trying to hit every body style. Don't keep any hopes up though as this takes a long freaking time do.

96' K1500

98' K1500
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