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97' 4.3 high miles... should i buy or not?

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My truck was recently run over parked in front of my house. I have recieved the insurance settlement so Im now shopping. I found a 97 with the 4.3L v6. Nothing fancy it has a 5 spd and air but thats about it, but it fits my needs well. I drove her and she drives perfecr. It has 171k on it, but it was a company truck and they are all on the highway. The body is perfect and it has one of those fiberglass toppers on it. I can buy it for 2000.... what do you all think? I want to know how many miles i can expect on this motor before she lets go.
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i wanna find me a truck like that..
Doesn't sound too bad, but it might lack some power without a V8, otherwise it doesn't sound like a bad deal.
Id jump on that deal soo fast...hell, id try my hardest to get that truck and keep my blazer if it was around here...even with the high miles it sounds like a good deal, and you should easily keep it for another 50K, prob 100K miles.
it all depends on how well it was maintained. i had a 93 V6 truck i just bought and sold that was meticulously maintained and would go for a long time more. i paid 1800 for it, so 2k for a 97 is a steal.
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