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99-02 headlights...around IL or surrounding states..

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Alright fellas, im in a REAL bind, lol.

i leave tuesday for nebraska, i have no headlights....i've got some coming from pewter00 as soon as my old ones arrive, but i doubt it'll be in time since monday is a federal holiday.

does ANYONE have 99-02 stockers, or some cheap aftermarkets that'd fit?

my windshield is getting replaced saturday i hope, if not...i dunno how the fuck im gonna get out there since my insurance check hasnt arrived yet, everything is out of pocket right now.

can soembody help me out?

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i may be able to help you out check with me sunday if that is not to late i'm byy the wis boarder
hey bud, i have a set of lower stockers with the orange side have my number, but if not 309-678-9949, plus you can grab the rear bumper trim while your here. I'll be in the garage all day sunday.
lol mike i was going to come grab those if he paged me back
i need headlights, not the corners...
i got some projectors for 100 shipped
If I had a NBS I would give you mine. :crazy: I dont know anyone around me who has an extra set.
i had projectors and sold em, and there's no way they'd be here in time because i leave tuesday...thats why i need a set within driving distance.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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