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99-02 Sierra 1500 Front HD Bumper

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Been searching the forum a bit and have found a lot of write-ups for conversions of 99-02 to 03+ bumpers but I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for an armor HD bumper for a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500? I've looked at all the companies that make these bumpers and the closest I've found is 99-02 Silverado which the company says wont work on my truck because the mounting brackets wont line up.

Also, if anyone has one of these on their 1500 and has pictures would love to see them!!

Thank you!
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If I read what your saying right, the bumpers will fit with a slight modification. On the 99-02 silverado the HD trucks have a 2in taller frame which made the grill larger and the front bumper have that dip in the middle. You can either do a 1.5in body lift or cut and re weld the bumper mount 1.5in down. Or go to they make one full replacemnt for the 1500 series
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