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99-02 silverado front clip

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swapped to an 06 so i have all my stock stuff...painted black good condition...lookin to sell as pieces... headlights, headlight housing,hood,
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can i see some pics of the headlights? are they in good condition?
there in great condition... shoot me a PM with your email addy and ill send u some pics
your not interested in parting out? ill might grab the passenger side fender off you.
id rather not right now...i just put it up for sale and i need it all gone...
if you decide to part it out i call dibs on the headlights pending on pics
can you part with the clear corners?
ok im willing to part out and also trade so any offers let me know...
$100 shipped passenger fender? no dings or dents? i have no clue what to offer for it, nor do I know what it'd take to ship it let me know
did your bumper have foglights? if so I'll give you $20 shipped for the driver side one.
sorry man i dont wanna part the fenders i would rather leave them together...if u find someone who wants the other one then we can make a deal..
im not gonna break up pairs...sorry fellas
did you have stock fog lights? If so how much are you wanting for them?
fenders,foglights pending
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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