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Loves yoga pants
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Charcoal in color...designed for 99-04 Chevy/GMC NBS trucks...
MTX SITE Site shows that the new boxes are loaded with the 4500 series...this box is loaded with (2) 10" MTX 6000 Series subs. Amp not included.

Decided to go with a wooden enclosure for my Kicker Solobarics...

Box is in like new condition with no scratches or scuffs whatsoever. There are two very small holes in the amp rack where my amp was mounted. Mounting hardware for box to inside of truck is included. Paperwork that came with the enclosure is also included.

$200.00 shipped


Line-X of San Antonio
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A box of used rubbers and a pile of your mom's used undies?

Price marked is negotiable, but not too flexible. Got anything to trade for some shorty headers?
i might have some other stuff for ya...
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