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99 Sub Auto Headlight Switch in 98 Tahoe

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Well since it was $3 I snagged a headlight switch off ebay from a 99 Suburban which had the Automatic headlights, like 99+ trucks, even though the 99 Subs were OBS. So my goal is to make this work in my 98 2 Dr Tahoe. So I found a wiring harness out of a 99 Suburban on ebay. But what I'm wondering is, did all the 99 Subs have automatic headlights? Or was it an option?? If all did, than all I would need to do is track down a sensor for the auto headlights to know when to come on, and everything would work with the wiring harness. But I know it's possible that it could be an LT that had the auto headlights which would need an LT wiring harness.

On another note, I'd like to add heated side mirrors to my OBS Tahoe. So would an LT wiring harness from a Sub (which would have had these) already be set and basically plug and play for these?