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Can anyone help me with figuring out how to wire these mirrors up? The trail ridge mirrors come with 4 pin connecter when my Tahoe has an 8 pin connector. I have figured out 4 of those wires were for auto dim and heated mirror but I need to figure out which wires from the stock harness I can tap these trail ridge ones into. I clipped the harness to try and do process of elimination but no luck. The trail ridge mirrors come with a Blue, White, Green, and Yellow along with the black and red to connect the LED lights. That is another problem I tapped into the turn signals under the dash and the passenger side one works fine but the drivers side LED just stays on, it won’t work with the drivers turn signal. Suggestions on that one?

SoThe drivers side 8 pin harness has orange, black, pink, grey, and then white, yellow, light Blue, light green, and grey
The passenger side has orange, black, pink, grey and then purple/white, Grey/black, grey/white and red and white.

Can you please help me with what wires go to what on the trail ridge mirrors?
I bought them from 1a Auto and said it was plug and play but clearly not.
Thanks for your help!
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